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Data Protection Regulations of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

The present data protection regulations make equal reference to both men and women. For the purpose of simplification, only the male form is used.

1. General Information on Data Protection

The Internet portal of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is primarily a marketplace for the processing of business transactions. Although a great deal of information is also available to anonymous visitors, there is sometimes a need for us to obtain data from you which can be company or even person-related in order to provide you with the desired services. Our systems protect your data in accordance with internationally applicable data protection standards, the data protection directive of the European Union and national data protection regulations. Our goal is to make it possible for you to be certain of responsible and confidential treatment of your data. Encoding procedures are used for the secure transmission of payment data. This means that communication between your browser and our system cannot be read by other participants in the Internet. Personal data is used exclusively for the purposes explicitly stated in these data protection regulations or during later data collection.

Our websites may contain links to websites of other providers. As we are not responsible for their information, we recommend that you study the information provided on such sites concerning data protection carefully.

Each time content is requested from our Internet site, data (e.g. name of the file requested, date/time, data volume transferred) on this process is stored in a protocol file. In this way, we monitor user conduct throughout the entire website. Nevertheless, the bringing together of this information with data on individual users is only carried out with prior, written consent. Messe Düsseldorf GmbH classifies the entire use statistics on the basis of the user?s domain name, the browser type and the MIME type by reading out this information from the browser string (the information contained in the browser of every user). We monitor and list the search terms entered in the search engine by users; nevertheless, this tracing is never carried out in connection with individual users.

We also use so-called session cookies. These enable optimisation of communication times for incoming web inquiries. As a fundamental rule, our website can also be used without cookies, however this can result in restrictions with individual applications. Cookies are not used for the preparation of person-related use profiles.

Should you have any further questions or comments concerning our data protection concept or wish to have your personal data barred for any particular form of use, kindly contact us by e-mail at the following address:

2. Data protection with special applications

2.1 online orders

When you use our online ordering system, we receive from you the data required for processing of the order and performance of the services agreed. Data fields through which the data required for processing of the business transaction is collected, are always marked separately (with an asterisk).

If you provide additional, voluntary data, for example on particular specialist interests, we can send you targeted specialist information even before an event. This means that, by entering this data, you yourself decide which data we receive from you on you and your company.

In addition, we offer you the possibility of correcting or altering the data collected during registration. These changes can be made simply by calling up your user profile, clicking on the ?Edit? link and carrying out the alterations to your own data which are then displayed in the form. Users can alter this information at any time and as frequently as necessary.

2.2 Surveys

We make it possible to participate in interactive surveys so that users can exchange their opinions with other users easily and discover the thoughts of our users on important subjects. Surveys are also used to enable even more precise adaptation of the content and services to our customer base. In this respect, we use a system which ?marks? users following the casting of their vote, thus preventing them from voting more than once on a specific question. There is no correlation between this marking and information on individual users. Exercising our own discretion, we forward the demographic information collected during these surveys to the other users of the portal, but never your person-related data.

2.3 Message Boards / Forums

Message boards and forums enable lively, non-chaired conversations on a variety of topics. We require users to register on a personal and company basis in order to prevent misuse of this platform.

2.4 Electronic Newsletters

We enable the ordering of electronic newsletters on various subject areas. For this, we record the e-mail addresses of those users who voluntarily register as subscribers. The users can delete themselves from the circulation list by following the instructions including in every dispatch.

2.5 Prize competitions, loyalty programmes

If we organise loyalty programmes or prize competitions, all rules and information on the respective procedure and the use of person-related data are stated clearly during the full period of the programme. The information collected is also used for verification of the user identity and to inform the winners. Here too, the policy of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is not to forward information on specific persons to third parties.

3. Public Process Directory

3.1. Name of the responsible body:

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

3.2. Management

Werner Matthias Dornscheidt (CEO), Wilfried E. Moog, Joachim Schäfer, Bernhard Stempfle, Hans Werner Reinhard (Dep. MD)

3.3. Address of the responsible body:

Messeplatz, Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61, D-40474 Düsseldorf

3.4. Purpose of the collection, processing or use of data

The purpose of the Messe Düsseldorf GmbH company is the promotion of economic activity through the organisation of trade fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad, through the organisation or implementation of congresses and conferences, and through all activities related to the trade fair, exhibition, congress and conference business. For the fulfilment of this purpose, we maintain trade fair and exhibition centres as well as congress and conference facilities which we use for events or rent out in return for appropriate payment.

The data is collected, processed and used in the performance of the declared purpose of the company, in particular for the processing of the respective business transaction, including the provision of information to our customers before and after the event as well as concerning future events of Messe Düsseldorf. Your person-related data is not forwarded to third parties for promotional purposes.

3.5. Description of the groups of persons concerned and of the corresponding data or categories

For the fulfilment of the purposes stated under 3.4, the following person-related data is collected, processed and used for each group of persons:

Group of personsDataCategory
Representatives of exhibiting companiesCompany data with addresses, contact persons and communication data, information on branch of industry, product data, contract and settlement dataA
Professional exhibition visitors (representatives of companies visiting trade exhibitions)Registration data such as company data with addresses, contact persons and communication data, information on branch of industry, product interests as well as contract and settlement dataB
Exhibition visitors (public events without status as professional visitor)Name, address, communication data, exhibitors of interest, payment dataC
Exhibitors of interest (potential new customers)Company data with addresses, contact persons and communication data, information on branch of industry, product data, interestsD
Contact persons of suppliers, service providers, other business partnersCompany data or data on institutions with addresses, contact persons and communication data, information on products and services, contract and settlement dataE

Video surveillance is used in the exhibition centre for the purpose of managing traffic/visitor flows and for security purposes. No evaluation is carried out for other purposes.

Personnel data on employees, applicants and service companies is used within the framework of internal communication, servicing, administration and for settlement purposes.

3.6 Recipients or categories of recipient to whom the data can be forwarded

  • Public bodies given the existence of overriding legal regulations (category A-E)
  • Companies within the Messe Düsseldorf Group (category A, B)
  • Companies who acquire an exhibition event from Messe Düsseldorf (category A-D)
  • Foreign representations if the registered company office of the person visiting the exhibition is abroad (category B)
  • Order-data processors of Messe Düsseldorf (category A-C)
  • Service providers for exhibition-accompanying services if the person inquires about corresponding services to Messe Düsseldorf (category A-D)
  • Exhibitors who have issued vouchers for visitors will receive the visitor data (name, address, communication data) for the vouchers redeemed, provided this has been agreed by contract (category B)
  • We also offer exhibitors electronic use of professional visitor data. This service is available subject to the proviso of the professional visitor allowing the exhibitor to scan the barcode on his entrance ticket. As such, the professional visitor decides for himself whether his electronic ?professional visitor ticket? reaches the exhibitor. The transmission of data is fundamentally excluded if the visitor objects to the forwarding of his data to the exhibitor (category B)

In all cases, the forwarding of data is for fulfilment of the purposes stated under 3.4.

3.7 Normal periods for the barring/deletion of data

The law contains a wide range of regulations concerning keeping requirements and deadlines. Upon expiry of these deadlines, the corresponding data is deleted as a routine procedure. Excepted from this is data required for the processing of the respective business transaction with Messe Düsseldorf and in particular for informing customers before and after the event as well as concerning future events. The data on customers who no longer wish to receive corresponding information is barred. To enable consideration of a corresponding declaration by the customer at all times, the data of the objector must be kept permanently in a barring list and, as a rule, cannot be deleted (see § 35 (3) no. 2 BDSG (German Data Protection Act).

3.8 Transmission of data abroad

To enable optimum servicing of our customers and business partners on a worldwide basis, we forward your data to companies within the Messe Düsseldorf Group. The fulfilment of contractual purposes or the performance of pre-contractual measures with potential exhibitors/exhibitors as well as with potential visitors or visiting companies from third countries fundamentally necessitates the forwarding of data to the international representation office of the corresponding third country. To this end, the corresponding data as set out under 3.5 is forwarded to the responsible international representation office

In the case of representatives of companies from third countries who visit a trade exhibition, the name of the visitor can also be forwarded to the responsible international representation office, provided no objection has been received concerning the forwarding. The registration data of a company whose representative visits an exhibitor at his stand can ? provided the visitor does not object to the scanning of his data on the barcode of his entrance ticket ? be forwarded to the exhibitor visited, irrespective of whether the exhibitor is from Germany, the EU or another third country.

In all cases in which we ourselves arrange the transmission of person-related data to third countries which do not have a sufficient level of data protection regulations, the data is only forwarded if the recipient gives a contractual undertaking to adhere to equal standards of data protection and data security as we ourselves.

4. Right of objection

Naturally, every one of our customers is at liberty to indicate purposes for which his person-related data should not be used. Should you no longer wish your data to be used for a specific purpose, you can object to farther reaching use of your data here. Object to farther reaching use!