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Stand ConstructionFurnitureColored  walls
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stand type M3
stand type M3

Stand system:
aluminum system, walls made of laminated fiberboard
panels, color of choice¹, 250cm high
cubicle wall covered 350cm high
two side columns covered
truss elevated with 350cm high

Stand construction:
lockable cubicle with door (150x150cm)
1 fascia board 60x200cm
1 spot per 3m² stand space for illumination
Fair-Rips carpet, color of choice²

Electrical package 5,2 KW
1XBE2202-3-phase current connections, 400 V up to 5,2 kW
2XBE2241-Euro power socket 230 V, 10 A, up to 2.3 kW
2XBE2248-Wieland coupler 230 V, 10A up to approx. 2.3 kW for exhibitor’s own lighting fixtures
1XBE2251-earthing connection for earthing the stand, required for metal stands
1XBE3401-connecting the stand to the electric mains in the hall

Colored walls:
Color choice could be done from our available color options¹.

Fascia board:
measurement 60x200cm fixed on elevated truss
lettering free of charge up to 15 letters
(color of choice³,Type: Arial 15cm high or adapted to the fascia size, additional letters at extra charge possible)

Graphics: Price on request!

Construction and completion one day before trade fair opening, 8:00 am. Cleaning before the event. Carpet will be covered with protective foil during stand assembling. Disposal after the show.

ATTENTION: Dismantling starts immediately after the show!

¹, ², ³ Color of choice from offered configurator options